#Top Performance 2: 3 ‘W’ that could help you be the best in the World. Choosing your #peak domain

The 3 W

Our journey of life
The reason what we are now in life is what we really wanted to have and be, strong and deep inside us. It could be the ‘strongest want’ we had in some point or always in life. It could be a deeper or stronger sense that we had by ourselves or that someone who had influenced us. It could be great personalities, parents, friends, teachers, manager, etc. This strongest thought would have happened when we were brought up together with them or could be that we had thought about in desperate situations. If we think that we need to change it, only we can change it. When we change it, our life and surroundings change for it. We need to always have good and positive thought, attitude and behaviour, always. If we do good, think good, be good, good angels would be around us. Good energies would be around us. We create this environment for good energies, good forces, good people and good angels to be around us. This attracts good people and good things to us. Always taking the positive part of what others say and what happens in our life.

Always think about what we really want to do in life, what we are really good at, our duty, our job, what gives us the inner happiness. Let’s take time to think about it and write it down here. We would be focusing on this from here when we go through values, tips and techniques. At this point of time in our life, we are given this job and duty, let’s do it to the best and be a great Success with this opportunity given to us now. Each person in the world is given a duty to do, a topic to concentrate on, if we need to find it and concentrate on it, which would show you that you are the only one best in it, the best professional in the world in it. There are infinite topics. So, let’s make a note on the priority, the topic that you want to focus on and in which you wish be the best professional in the world.

Choose: Good, Great and the best
Let’s help ourselves and choose our own topic. It should be Good, Great and the best. Let’s see what this really means. We can use dictionaries to get better help in knowing the exact meaning of these important words. We can see that every great success has good, great and the best principles and methods followed. Every great person has the same thoughts which gives the best action and results. Therefore, the topic we are going to select need to have goodness, greatness and it needs to be better. The following would help us find it much better. It’s easy; we only need to follow few simple guidelines. Every human being is good, best and great at something, which is inbuilt in them.

Make sure that we choose a topic that is good for everyone in the world, the good that a group wanted, from deep inside them. We should be able to know the meaning of good and stick to it. Every human being has the ability to understand the real meaning of good, deep inside them. It’s something that brings delight within the greater community. Most of the people look into good things as being more valuable, that would in turn be an asset. For a product or service, high quality would be termed as a good product. Majority of people look for efficiency, reliability, good looks, comfort, easy to use, trustworthy, best quality, long lasting, effectiveness, etc., that suit their need and satisfaction. These are the same simple points for terming good people too.
For people, there can be more points that would increase the value of being good. They are: being polite, trust worthy, helpful, kind, morally excellent and bright.
Even when we term good products and services, we look into all these points too that would increase the good will, because it would be beneficial and makes it more satisfactory to the greater community. Again, following these small points, always, would make it a habit, forever. When it turns into a habit, it would be the easiest life, which is most rewarding.

Lets first think about the meaning of the word ‘great’. Let’s take the example of great personalities, great achievements in the world, great monuments, great wonders, great job, grate vehicle, let’s take anything ‘great’ in the world.
The word ‘great’ means what the ‘greater community’ or ‘larger community’ want. Let’s take the whole world as an example. Research on what they really want. If the highest number of people like a certain topic and how it should be that would satisfy them and give them inner happiness, that’s called as ‘great’, if you are able to achieve that inner delight in them, that’s ‘great Success’. This is because you have served the greater community. You have their support and vote, as you have chosen to do good for them. This automatically makes you their leader, for that topic you chose. Everyone will try to get your help because you are the best. A great product or service would be superior; it would be beyond the ordinary product and services.

Let’s take an example of a great product, that’s the best, which is better than the ordinary ones. You will find that there are several benefits and features than the ordinary products and services. People consider a product and service to be a great one with these too: long lasting service and quality. This kind of product and service is respected more by the greater community. They gain more popularity. It’s the same with great people, if you can take an example of a great personality, who would also have more skill and info, which would be a great ability. It’s very simple to be great and have great products and services, we need to pray well, and keep only this in mind ‘to have a great product and service’ while working for it, and we can find that things falling into place automatically.

All the great forces, energies, people, etc., would be attracted to you and will work with you for this goal. It’s as easy as that, we can focus and save all energies and resource for this single aim. Every great man had followed this simple step. In every great organization, the employees worked for this goal. When we focus only on one point, it’s very easy to obtain it when we pray and work towards that goal. The harder we work towards the goal, the faster and easier it would be to obtain it. It would become a habit in between, which would be more comfortable during the journey of obtaining a goal.


Our topic should give the best results. This would make oneself the best in the world for that topic. While choosing, choose the topic that we are best in, the topic that we are sure that we will be best on, and stick to it, always and every time. Let’s see the meaning of best, more closely. There are few direct meanings of the word best. Best would be above the normal standard bar, which would be too high. The best product or service would be the most excellent one. As we mentioned the meaning of the word good, it would be most good. If we consider the best person, all the above mentioned points on best is applicable, also possess other qualities like: being more skilful and good, with all these and more best qualities. It’s easy to know more on any topic, just research, you would find more and more qualities that can be followed often, that would become a habit, forever. For a person, being wise is very important, as it makes one, more diplomatic. Great and the most successful people like to be with the wise and diplomatic. These are few examples to be the best professional.

I still remember one of my old clients at my first official job, who was in the top management of a famous organization in the world, used to say that I am diplomatic. I used to be wise, honest, polite and very helpful, which lead to that deal. It even leads to ‘word of mouth’ between corporate customers. This added more value for me in our organization, as a fresher. I was known more than the senior people in that organization for help, were top people used to walk in asking for me. This is my example. You may remember the best memories like these which happened at your work places.
All these simple rules are deep inside human beings. These are taught by many parents and teachers. These simple rules are expected and accepted by majority of people in the world. When we practice them, we are rewarded in many ways, when we keep following them and it becomes a habit that would cause continuous success.

Let’s point out good, great and best things about great people, products and organizations. This would motivate them and others for it and would bring in great success for us and for them. We might even find few of them around us in our daily activities. This would also let us think, be in the circle of great success. The good, great and the best people, other forces, good angels and organizations would get attracted to us and our attitude.
Here is another help for you to choose the great, good and the best topic. There are many things in the world that needs a fix, a solution, in which you are the best. Choose the topic that would fix issues in others life and career, organizations, world economy, environment, etc. which requires immediate attention. Choose your topic, your domain that has a solution, the best fix from you and work on it. Remember, we are created to help each other, to our best ability.

  1. What did you wish to be when you were young and wish to be forever?
  2. Which skill of yours were the most appreciated by the World?
  3. Would you like to use this appreciated skill to help on the big, important and urgent need now, to fix the issue in the World?

Same applies for your business too:

  1. What kind of service you wished to provide forever and why?
  2. What kind of service and product was the most appreciated by the World?
  3. Would you like to provide this appreciated good, great and best service and product, and reach to all the needy in the World?
  • Find the niche and concentrate on it.
  • Find the peak and concentrate on it.
  • Better response could be when you are with scarce resources.
  • Do it with all you’ve got, and keep doing it!


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