A New Year Gift : #Compensation Vs Gift


A New Year Gift


It’s one’s duty to apologize for their mistake, immediately. As, it’s our duty to do the best, good and great for others, we need to apologize if things yet to be in place and needs apology. If the issue is from our side, it’s our duty to apologize. If it’s by our organization, we need to use the term ‘we apologize’. If it’s from us, we need to say ‘I apologize’ and mean it deep from our heart by giving them compensation, a good, great and the best compensation as possible, before they ask or want it in their mind. As, every organization has many things that are freely available, we need to find out the best compensations available with us to make everyone more than happy and joyful, which would in turn reward us in one way or another. We need to use all our senses to understand the real issue and the best and the most appropriate compensation for it. We need to ask fewer questions as possible, speak less and do more in this situation. As everyone and every organization has several methods of compensating an issue, we can find out about those types of compensations which would make the customer more than happy and impressed, which will make it the best moment in his life and memorable. Please consult your manager, leader, team to make sure about any compensation before mentioning to the customer. We need to make sure that the compensation should be the most appropriate and suitable for the situation. This would let us know about more options which would have more and more joyful customers, who could be loyal to us.

  • Let’s take an example of organizations or professionals whom we had to deal in life, who had to apologize. Find the effect on us after their apology or the feeling that we have after we knew that they had to apologize us. Check the level of our satisfaction if they gave us the compensation.


  • Let’s analyse all situations where we had to apologize. Find out freely available compensations in our organization and what we can do to compensate as a professional, in the best, great and good way. Let’s also analyse the best, good and great compensation that can be given for every kind of situation where our customers would be impressed and be more than happy, leading us to be great in the world.


Word should be word – Promise to be kept

A man’s word is a respected promise. Promises are to be kept. They win respect and move towards success. Any human being keeping promises would always succeed to great growth. They would be gifted with many blessings. People would pray that they become successful in life and career. It’s everyone’s duty to keep promises. Replacement of promise is huge compensation. It’s better to give more than the best compensation in this case, to win respect and achieve few great benefits of keeping a promise. There are many people in the world fighting for the word of promise or its compensation. Like in apology, we need to make sure that we give better than the best compensation in the place of promise. It’s always better to provide better than the best compensation before they and other forces ask us for it. It would be easy and cost effective in that way. A gentleman always keeps his promise. People record and write down the promises made by others to make sure they receive it. This shows everyone the made promise. This proof is enough for one to achieve the promise. However, people who just say with word will need to keep it for all good, great and the best forces to be with us and help us to be the best, good and great in the world. We need to really think and analyse before giving promises, so that our promise will be a promise.

Great customer service

All human beings serve, work with, for, help other human beings. We need to keep in mind that everyone expects a great customer service. Every ages and generations had great people and organizations who had given a great customer service, which made customers to be more than happy and joyful. Every profession has a customer. Great organizations and people serve them by giving more than joy and happiness. This is what every person looks for in a service or product. Great professionals give their customers a great customer service. Everyone can give a great customer service without any extra expense. It’s just the mind-set that sets it. There are cab driverswho have a clean well maintained cab, every time, being nice to customers, give what the customer would really want that delights them, well behaved, less expensive, help to load and unload customer’s baggage, play the music they like, reasonable fare, giving tips and guidance on the new place, etc. A great cab driver can do this and more. This kind of service is expected by greater number of people. Other professions have so many things that would delight customers. And the benefit: They are preferred, always. Word of mouth does an automatic job. I used to teach my students about great customer service, to delight customers. I used to tell them a story of great success and experiences in my life. Once I joined an organization. We had this ‘Christmas Friend’ were I was to gift a colleague a Christmas gift. I was new to the organization and did not know him. However, I wanted to gift him the best gift. He was on holidays and was at home, far away. So, I asked his friends what he is fond of. People used to tell me of all things he used to like. I was told that the gift needs to be less expensive. I bought a gift that was very useful to him that had many amazing features. Once he came back to work, I gave it to him. He was too happy to have it. He ran around the work place of many people and had shown the amazing gift. I became famous at the new place. The cost was within the budget. This is a ‘great service’. Every time when providing product and service, even if it’s a gift, it would be an amazing experience for them and you, if it’s something that they really want with amazing benefits and features. Continuing to do this would bring continuous success. It becomes a habit. Everyone, whom you are in touch with, will be delighted and we would be benefited. We are born to serve one another, finding what they really want, and providing the best, good and great solution. So, let’s do it to the best and be very successful.

I still remember the experience in a cloth shop. While I walked in, a nice polite sales man asked me what’s the occasion, I said it’s my sister’s engagement. He took me to a place in the shop and gave me the best good and great shirt and trouser I can wear on the occasion. I was happy, it was in my budget, good colour and design, and it was very fast. For my sister’s wedding, I went to the same place and asked for that sales man. I got the best good and great shirt and trouser for the occasion.

I still remember the mobile shop experience, were I took my student to buy a new mobile phone. She liked the new phone suggested by the sales man and the price. She gave the old phone for an exchange and she liked the discount she received for the exchange. The much amazing experience was that, they got all her contacts copied to the new phone and asked her if the old phone can be formatted to erase all personal information. This shows the care and protection for their customers. We need to give the best, good and great experience for our customers and others to whom we are responsible. It should be good, the best and a great gift in the world for the hard earned money they pay us and the trust they have with us.

  • Fusing compensation and gift


Gift in all aspects – time, communication, quality, quantity, features etc.

With the previous examples, you would have known now, what kind of product or service a customer would be really in need. They would have high expectation and would be relying on us. It’s our duty to provide them the best product and service. Providing the best product or service is the easiest thing, as we have everything for it. The only thing is that we need the attitude to do so. Every organization has the best options to be given to a customer, to make them more than happy. Once a customer is more than happy, that’s our asset. It would have big effect on word of mouth and have lifelong customer. When they need any kind of service or product connected to our specialization, they would contact us. If we switch organizations, still they would want us as we are experts and professionals for them. An expert or professional is made once they start giving others the best and a great gift that’s very good. And if it’s the best, good and great product and service in the world, then, we are the best in the world.

How easy is it for us to provide the best, good and great service, when we think about our specialization? It would be very easy for us when we have strong thoughts about it and deliver it to our customers. Take all the aspects in having such a reputation. Points to focus are quality, features, benefits, ease, good looking, fast service, quantity, cleanliness, etc. Let’s work on all the points that would make us the best in the world. Once we start working on it, it will become a habit. Once it’s a habit, it’s the easiest thing that happens in our lives. You can find all resources to be in touch with people, information, etc., of the same kind that would keep helping you. Let’s make sure that we are in touch with the best people in this line, the best information, the best sources and resources, etc. this would be a great help when we need anything for our customers. This would be a good help on working and getting help in our project. It’s always the best to consult the best doctor for the best solution and the best cure. When we are in touch with the best, always, it would become a usual thing happening in our life; it would become a habit. Once it’s a habit, we are addicted to it. Once it’s an addiction to have great success through all these good, best and great sources, their results would be great success. Therefore we would be addicted to great success.

Good, great and best gift

Many people likes to gift things to one another. Remember the story I share about the best gift I gave my colleague and the after effects? This would be the same with others too. When we need to gift anyone, we need to make sure that it’s the most valuable and precious gift for them. And, in order to have a precious gift for them, we need to know the interests of the person, so that we can offer them a precious and valuable gift, which they would use in their day to day activities. It should have all possible and best features.

Innovative, quality, creativity, etc., would be an added advantage. Gifts and presents could be even something that would bring happiness to them, every day. It could be anything that is good, great and the best, that they would be really happy and thankful, every day. It’s the same with our customers, employees, family and others who are with us, supporting and helping us to succeed. Great people and great organizations offer products and service as the best, good and greatest gift in the world, which would make the customer more than happy and joyful. Remember, what is given is returned, in one form or the other, by any means and at any time. We need to practice offering good, great and the best gift to everyone, every time, to have a continuous success. Remember, every great help would have a great reward in return in any form at any time. The more we practice in giving the good, best and great gift to everyone who depend on us, would make it a habit, which would have the same type of return in different ways and time, that could be flooding us with the same type of returns in different form and all time. This could become continuous.

  • Let’s take examples of gifts that successful people and companies offer for any reason. And, let’s find the different kinds of rewards they received in their life and career.
  • Now, let’s think about someone whom we need to present a gift. Think about their interests. Find something that would be a good, great and the best gift, that they would use daily and be very helpful to them, which would make them more than happy and joyful, which would really make them thank us every day. Think about that good, best and great gift of product or service that we can offer our customers who trust us and pay us, which would make them more than happy and joyful.


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