Few important tips, quotes and exercises from the book ‘Addicted to great success’ :

  • “Human beings and organizations are rewarded once they do their duty. The better we do our duties, the better are we rewarded. Let’s make sure that the product or service would be the best, good and the great gift in the world, to our customers and everyone we are to serve, this would give us the best, good and great reward.”


  • First excercise: “Let’s take examples of great personalities and find the duties and the kind of performance in performing those duties, and let’s see the rewards they received for doing the best.”


  • “Love Everything
  • Second excercise: Write down every blessing we received. Close your eyes, relax, we need to make this the most effective. Think about every blessing we received, every good thing we have. Write down everything that shows in your mind. Now, let’s be grateful and thank God for everything. Keep thinking about every blessing we received. We can see that it’s increasing.”


  • “Doing what someone likes deep inside them, is the duty or duties which the creator is created any creation. Any given duty is a duty given to someone in that point of time in life or forever, which has to be done to its best to get the best reward. At this point of time we are given a duty, let’s do the best in it and be rewarded the best. Each person in the world is given a duty to do, a topic to concentrate on, if we need to find it and concentrate on it, which would show you that you are the only one best in it, the best professional in the world in it. Choose: Good, Great and the best” topic:


  • “Let’s do great projects that benefit greater community, also us and our organization, benefiting even our lives.”


  • Third Excercise: So, let’s write down here which would be always the priority, the topic that you want to focus on and be the best in it, in which you can be the best professional in the world.”


  • “Right Now – When a good great and the best thought triggers, it has to be started and worked on immediately.”


  • “Pray – Spiritual – Each and every person is blessed to do certain duty. Every professional need to be blessed, to be the best and serve a greater community, and be good at their profession.”


  • “Positive attitude changes everything positive; it gets us to positive reality. Positive Reality is a result of positive attitude that drives everything positive in you and around us. Innovation and creativity originates from good, great and the best thoughts, with a positive thought, always.”


  • “Influence of positive surroundings – We may find people who create positive surroundings to motivate others and have a nice positive atmosphere set. When someone thinks, do, say positive things, they will be surrounded by angels, positive energies, positive and good people, that protect and help them to be successful and be rewarded.”


  • “Success Infection – Have you noticed anyone who works with or interacts with a successful person or organization? They too would experience success.”


  • “The ingredient ‘love’ – A very important ingredient is ‘love’, ‘love’ to do the things that we are supposed to do.”


  • “Our World working for us – When we work on it, our world works for us, we get the best results and therefore leading to great success.”


  • “Smile attracts and keeps good angels and good people around us, protecting, supporting and helping us.”


  • “Love, respect and help people in our domain.”


  • “Work on making more and more people happy in your domain.


  • “Everything that is connected to success for human beings is always connected to serving other human beings to the best.”


  • “All human beings serve, work with, for, help other human beings. We need to keep in mind that everyone expects a great customer service.”


  • “Good, great and best gift  – in order to have a precious gift for them, we need to know the interests of the person, so that we can offer them a precious and valuable gift, which they would use in their day to day activities.”


  • “Communication –  As we need to serve Human Beings, we need to speak in their language. We need to be good at it, so that they feel warm and comfortable. I used to tell my students, if they need to improve in a language, the easiest and the most effective way is to watch movies in that language, TV shows, etc., keep an eye on their lips and speak along with them.”


  • “Most effective and efficient communication – While expressing an idea; we can tell the best, good and great benefit as the caption in the beginning of the conversation that would be very catchy. make it short and simple.”


  • “Keep communicating about our activities and goal, for everyone to understand and all forces to start working on it.”


  • “Successful resumes will have only success written”


  • “Mirror – This is the best way to win anyone in the world, mirroring people whom we interact. This is the easiest way to win appreciations, promotions and mostly anything from anyone. For example, if we need to impress your manager, if we mirror the best, good and great qualities he has, you will be the closest person to him. He would feel warm, as his best friend and someone like him. The reason why we win him is because everyone likes only the good, best and great things about himself.”


  • “Practicing in thoughts, in one’s mind is very effective, for someone who has yet to gain access to real things. This trains the mind and keeps the mind ready.”


  • “We are being specified with time, energy and resources. We need to optimize it, and the only way is to be fully focused and dedicated on our duty.”


  • “All human beings serve, work with, for, help other human beings. We need to keep in mind that everyone expects a great customer service.”


  • “There are many best and free resources available to get oneself trained and educated. One if it is the internet. Video sharing online libraries have lots of best, good and great talks by the good, great and the best people in the world. It’s the easiest and cost effective method of being educated and trained by the best professionals in the world.”


  • “Any kind of Relationship – select Good, Great and the Best”


  • “Show respect to the rules and culture of the land”


  • “Manners are a form of respect to each other. It would be the best when we follow good, great and the best manners.”


  • “Leadership: Credibility All the principles mentioned in this book would lead to leadership. This is because; a person following these would be an eligible person who would be recommended as a leader. There is a saying, ‘a train is led by its engine’.”


  • “A good, best and great family man is given the most value. Family is the most important inbuilt value in Human Beings. Good, best and great family and family values are the base of every successful person.”


  • “Only great people can make a great company, great organization, great institution, great nation, great family, etc., by having good, great and best thoughts and putting them into action by working on it. The leader’s attitude can be seen from the beginning of the hierarchy to the end.”


  • “Our dear Earth – We need to remember that human beings existence would be very comfortable with good natural environment.”


  • “It’s a great feeling when we are honoured by the whole world with the great services and products we deliver to help the world.”


  • “Assets are a reward and blessing given to mankind like the other rewards and blessings. Assets are given to be protected and increased. One has to take good care to maintain the wealth and to be gifted with more.”


  • “Great people, great organizations, good angels and other good, great and the best forces would be looking for who is great, good and best, always. They wish to stick with them of their kind.”


  • “My dear students, accept feedback only from someone who is the best in the topic you have selected and the best person working on it.”


  • Forth Excercise: Parents used to ask their children to write down daily expenses. I started doing so and found that I started to save a lot of money, I was very successful in saving a lot of money, and I had lots of money with me. Try to maintain a dairy or any form of a diary, to keep a track. I used to ask my students to write down different tasks in a diary for each date. This will make us remember and follow it. Tick each activity that is successfully. Write down all good, best and great things happening, every hour, every day and be grateful for each of them. You will see that success is increasing and you will be addicted to success. You will see that your life and career has changed. Success will be an addictive. Be thankful and grateful to God, celebrate on each great success. You would see that success is increasing and you will be more than joyful and happy, enjoying every great successful step in life and career, with the amazing results and rewards. You will find that you became Addicted to Great Success. Congratulations for becoming ‘Addicted to Great Success’.
  • “rules are always rules, even for success.”

Thank You!


Above mentioned are only few quotes, tips and excercises.

For the best effect, please use the book ‘Addicted to great success’.

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