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Book Trailer – ‘Addicted to great success’ by Jaison Kandamkulathil


Training Trailer – ‘Addicted to great success’ by Jaison Kandamkulathil


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‘Addicted to great success’ in news

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The Book ‘Addicted to great success’ available on:

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Addicted to great Success Available on

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About the author

Jaison Kandamkulathil

Jaison Kandamkulathil

Jaison Kandamkulathil was in search of Addiction to Great Success for about two decades.

He likes to interview successful people since his childhood, watch interviews of them, and learn about successful organizations and people to know the secrets of success. He was trained by the best training companies in the world and is a certified trainer by world’s best training company.

He is born in a known inherited successful business family and a part of its successful business. There are relatives from both his parents sides who are a Great success. There are people who used to motivate others to success.

Jaison did Master of Commerce, MBA and Post Graduate Diploma in Entrepreneurship Development, followed by Diploma programme in Business Management and Diploma course in Export Management.

He used to also motivate people to success since his childhood. He had achieved great success while he was a trainer and the results were the best in the world.

Jaison Kandamkulathil was into several fields like sales, customer service, management, training, consultation, technical support, software, yellow pages, retail, etc. He likes to help people in all kinds of businesses and other professions since his childhood to success.

Jaison Joseph Kandamkulathil also used to love to interact with corporate owners and top management. He also used to love to interact with Local Business, their chains and other Merchants around the World.

While doing MBA, he developed a plan to help consumers reach the best local businesses and merchants. This finally resulted in This project was the first to cover all cities in the world and the first to have a merchant friendly form, an easiest way a local business can be exposed online, helping the best merchants and local businesses worldwide. An easier method for common man and loyal consumers to shows and tells the world about the best and their favourite merchants and local businesses in all cities around the world.

Students of Jaison Joseph Kandamkulathil may become a part of this great help to the world by adding their best services, to make this the place to know about the best local businesses in all cities around the world.

He likes training students in schools and colleges to focus on the road to great success, which shoots up the institution’s reputation. He also likes to train employees in different kinds of organizations to improve productivity and have amazing results that lead to great success and be the best in the world.

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About the book

Addicted to Great Success_Cover Design_ver2.0 (2)‘Addiction to Great Success’ is dedicated to our Creator. The secrets to the root of great success used here are freely available and are mostly followed around the world since the beginning. These techniques are experimented and proven with the people I had worked with and were very successful. I found that, mostly these principles were followed by great people who were the most successful in the world, taught in different ways by the best teachers, authors, speakers and in different religions in the world.

My intention to write this book, as a training manual / workbook, is to help, guide and lead as many as good people as possible in the world, to be a great success in the world. I wanted to save as many people as possible at the earliest, to good, best and great life and career with happiness and great success. Everything mentioned in this book is for all kinds of professionals and professions, and for organizations, to be the best in the world.

There are many students, employed, unemployed and self-employed who really wanted to be very successful, they really wanted someone to guide and help them morally. This book is only for those who are really good people, who really wanted to be ‘Addicted to Great Success’.

My Dear Students, by the end of completing this book, sincerely, one would get the hang and flow of Addiction to Great Success. I always wanted all my students to be the most successful in the world. Following all these steps and better ones which you would find in the same taste and form, could lead you to great success. All these steps are very easy to do and follow. Rules in nature and universe are the rules that will remain as rules. If we need to have great success, we need to respect and accept the great gurus and great professionals in those streams, as they would have gone through every phase of life sacrificing and researching, to have their students and customers a great success.

You will find places to write down, please write down sincerely, listening to your inner voice from deep inside you. Please keep this book and go through the steps to make sure that you are in the right track and keep adding your points in the pages to work on. If things are to be confidential, make sure that this book is kept very secure. You may take your own time to complete all the activities to have the best effect to great success. We would be taking good, great and the best real examples in the world, from our experiences and help us be one of the same kinds in our lives and career, and be addicted to great success, by working on them.

This book has clear, simple and easy paths to great success. It has all possible simple steps that had proven since centauries that lead to great successes. You can also see work sheets were exercises can be conducted about good, great and the best organizations and personalities, using different simple, easy and ancient methods. We will find that this book has simple and basic foundations of the most successful personalities and organizations. In the work sheets, let’s have the findings of the best products and services of the same topic or similar kinds of products and services we need to work on and our interest, to have a better understanding and best results. There are places in the book to work your own plans using these methods to great success. And, it’s like a good teacher or parent teaching values to their children with real examples that they can think of in their life and start practicing them, which leads to great success of every child. As you are my student, you have to be successful, that’s the only option now.

We need to be ourselves and find our best built-in talent and focus on it using the procedures mentioned in this book. The techniques, tips, principles and values are that I found while I was researching on success, which would help you to great success.

Everyone listens to the most successful people who are the best in the world, they have priority. Successful people find all reasons to succeed. The techniques, tips, principles and values are traditional and ethical.

Be honest to yourself while doing this course, this would be very effective. We will be going through several effective simple methods to success, so there could be always possibilities for us to be the most successful in the world, with ease. If I would have known about these great, good and the best principles to great success, I would have been a great success long back; therefore, I want everyone to be aware of good, great and the best principles to great success and have a great success from the beginning and all the time.

I am sure that, once we follow these, we will be grateful to God and thank God every day, every hour for each and every success, successful steps and all the success, leading us to Great Success.

I have used simple English, to have the best effect on everyone possible. We need to follow only these and these types of simple built-in principles to be the most successful. And remember, rules are always rules, even for success.

I am grateful to my creator for providing me all resources to make this the most helpful for every needy in the world, and leading them to great success.

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